Polly Want A Liar

Pretty Little Liars, Season 4 Episode 2 Turn of the Shoe

The episode picks up with all of the girls out to eat. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is using the food on the table to figure out the likelihood of Red Coat being able to rescue the girls from the fire. When they accuse Mona (Janel Parrish) of being involved, she agrees to to take them to where she was been keeping the lair. When they discover it is gone, the girls think Mona hide it. They all split up but Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) are waiting to see where Mona goes. Good thing to because Red Coat attacks Mona in her car. Mona fights off the intruder with a flashlight to the head but the masked attacked tries to run Aria and Mona over before Emily pushes them out of the way and in the process hurts her shoulder on a big rock. When Hanna gets home, she and her mom (Laura Leighton) talk about Wilden (Bryce Johnson) and she returns Ashley’s phone. At the Hasting’s, Spencer receives her decision letter from U Penn but is crushed when it is a rejection. At school, Hanna and Aria talk about Ashley’s phone. Hanna thinks its weird that her mom wasn’t more surprised about it. In the computer lab, Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and Emily are talking about college when Paige hugs Emily and finds out about her hurt shoulder. At the Hasting’s, Toby (Keegan Allen) and Spencer argue about keeping secrets when he won’t answer his phone and isn’t surprised by news about Mona’s lair and attack. In Mr. Fitz’s class, Spencer tells Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) that she didn’t get into U Penn and he offers to help with her application essays. Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna are on the phone talking about Em’s shoulder pain when she finds pain meds and takes lots of them before running off to practice. Before she does, Hanna tells her she’s found a dirty pair of her mom’s Manolo shoes and a toothbrush. She is confused why her mom would clean such nice shoes herself instead of taking them to the cleaner. In town, Aria signs up for self defense classes. Back at Hanna’s, Ashley acts defensive when Hanna asks about shoes. Over at the DiLaurentis’ Hanna and Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) are talking about Alison and her pet parrot Tippy, who keeps quoting Alison from when she was staying in Georgia. At school, Ezra tells Spencer not to talk about all of her past in her application essay, telling her that colleges may not want to know all of the details. At her lesson, Aria and her trainer are having trust issues. Back at her house, Mrs. DiLaurentis and Hanna are talking when Mrs. DiLaurentis tells her about a flashback to when Alison threw a hissyfit when Mrs. DiLaurentis won’t let her stay at the beach without her. Alison told her mom she wanted to invite the girls down but Hanna tells her that Alison never invited them to Cape May. At her lesson, Aria kisses her instructor and runs out when she sees Mona talking to a police officer. Mona tells Aria she was listening into a group of special investigators, who found Wilden’s and a woman’s footsteps at Torch Lake from night of his death and the house fire. At Spencer’s, Toby tells Spencer that he moved the RV and gives her transcript of doctor at Radley night the night that his mom killed herself. At the swim meet, Shauna tells Emily that they are both vying for the same spot on the Stanford team. At Spencer’s, she reads the transcript out loud and Toby thinks his mom didn’t kill herself and begs Spencer not to say anything when Aria shows up. When Emily races, she gets double vision and hits her head on the wall and winds up unconscious. She is taken out by paramedics, begging them to let her finish the race. Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer are talking about Toby and Jake and Hanna starts to think the woman’s foot prints are her mom’s. When she asks her mom about it, Ashley tells her that she didn’t kill him. At the Hasting’s, Spencer looking at Mrs. Cavanguagh’s obituary but the bird is driving her crazy. She is calling Hanna and realizes that Tippy is singing a phone number. Jake shows up at Aria’s, they talk about the kiss and both are interested in exploring the possibility. She asks him out but Spencer keeps calling her and he leaves. Emily tells Paige about the attacker and explains she didn’t want to tell Paige in order to protect her. Aria, Spencer and Hanna try to call the number but no one answers. They go to record the song but find that there is no bird to record. Someone opened the cage and the window and Tippy is gone. In her kitchen, Ashley looks suspicious and takes out her dirty shoes but is being unknowingly being watched by “A” as she puts them in trash bag. The episode ends with “A” eating dinner, a small bird that was probably Tippy.


Anyone who doesn’t watched Twisted is going to be missing the previews for next week so I’ll be adding it to my DVR queue just to catch them.

My biggest complaint of the season so far is the hideous wig that Hanna was been wearing. Ashley Benson died her hair brown and they chose to wig her for the character. I’m all for a wig but the ones they have been using are not very good and give her a gigantic forehead.



A New Pack In Town

Teen Wolf Season 3 Premiere

The premiere kicks off four months after we last saw our friends in Beacon Hills. Erica (Gage Golightly) and Boyd (Sinqua Walls), who we assume were taken by the Alpha pack are still missing, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and Peter (Ian Bohen) are still looking for them,  Scott (Tyler Possey) and Alyson (Crystal Reed) are still broken up, and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is still hilarious.

The episode starts with Isaac being rescued by a girl (Meagan Tandy) on a motorcycle. Quickly, they are being followed by twin werewolves, most likely part of the new pack. In the warehouse, the twins (Charlie and Max Carver) use their super cool werewolf powers and morph into one bigger wolf. They are about to attack when the girl zaps them with her high powered taser. Back in Beacon Hills, Scott gets a tattoo of two bands around his arm, much to Stiles’ dismay. The boys have just gotten in the car when Scott’s arm starts to burn. He pulls back the bandage in time to see his new tattoo fading, a side effect of his wolf healing powers. At the same time, Lydia and Allison are going on a double date. The girls are taking about their old flames, and its revealed that Jackson (Colton Haynes) has moved to London. Neither girl wants to admit that she is still hung up on their last love. Just then Stiles and Scott pull up next to them and pure teenage awkwardness follows until Lydia takes off. Both cars stop, trying not to be awkwardly close but it doesn’t work out that way. Just when things are getting weird, they get even more strange. A deer comes out of nowhere, running down the center of the road and hits Lydia’s car straight on. Scott tells the group that he can feel that the animal was terrified of something before it hit her car. Meanwhile, Isaac and mystery girl show up at hospital where she tells Mrs. McCall that she needs to talk to the alpha, who Mrs. McCall (Melissa Ponzio) mistakes for Derek. The girl is really trying to reach Scott.

The next day, everybody is getting ready for first day of school. Scott is working out and reading, a pile of books stacked up by his desk and a word of the day pulled up on his computer.  Alyson is coping with everything and her dad (JR Bourne) is trying to help make it better however he can. Stiles is researching deer related car wrecks when his dad (Linden Ashby) forces him to go to school and Lydia has a man in her bed (who looks a lot like Jackson, just saying.) At the hospital, Isaac is healing and Mrs. McCall doesn’t know what to say to the doctors who are supposed to operate, and he tells her to call Scott. At Beacon Hills High, Alyson and Scott have to sit by each other in class where the new teacher makes them turn off phones just as Mrs. McCall is trying to reach him. While she’s trying to reach Scott, a mystery woman comes and drugs Isaac and tries to find the mystery girl but she’s already gone. At school, Scott gets called out by his mom but his teacher warns him not to fall into old habits of missing school. He promises her he’s changed. In the classroom, Stiles notices a bandaid on Lydia’s ankle. When he asks her about it she tells him her dog bit her ankle. Stiles thinks its something weird and right on cue, a crow hits the window followed by a whole flock. The birds mysteriously die after breaking through the glass and flying around, attacking students in the room. Back at the hospital, Mrs. McCall tells Scott she’s worried about him but lets him see Isaac, who’s already in surgery. Scott ends up in elevator with a blind man. Isaac is in operating room but the doctors find that he’s already healed. The doctor who wheels him out is a werewolf who seems to want to do harm to him. Scott sees and he and the doctor fight in the elevator where Derek shows up and saves him.

Back in the high school, the sheriff talks to Argent, asking him if he knows anything about the weird behavior because Sheriff Stilinski overhear Stiles say something about Argent being an experienced hunter. Argent dismisses him, not wanting to get involved. Stiles calls Scott to tell him about the crows and Scott tells him to meet him at Derek’s. Derek and Scott have brought Isaac there so Derek can heal his internal injuries from the Alpha attack. Derek tells Scott the Alphas are a rival pack. The mystery girl shows up at school looking for Scott and runs into Alyson and Lydia. She grabs their arms and leaves a bruise but runs when she sees the twins. The sheriff goes to the veterinarian and tells him about weird animal behavior, asking for advice. Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) is just as confused as he is and shows the sheriff that all of his animals have killed themselves in their cages. At Derek’s, Scott talks about Alyson and how the tattoo he wants is a reward for not calling her all summer even though he wanted to. Derek helps him have his tattoo and as Scott is leaving he sees that the door is painted. He claws at the paint and reveals the Alpha mark below. At school, the mystery girl is hiding in the locker room when all of the Alphas show up. At the same time, Derek tells Scott about the Alpha pack and we learn that the leader of the pack is the blind guy Scott helped. Isaac wakes up just then and asks about the girl. Flashback to school, where she tells the blind guy that he’s afraid of Scott and who he’ll become. He tells her he’s going to have Derek kill Scott and then he kills her. At Alyson’s, Alyson realizes that Lydia and Alyson’s bruises together form a sign. We see that the sign is on the floor where Boyd and Erika are being kept.

It’s going to be a crazy season. Lots of new faces, thanks to an entire new pack showing up, and lots of new powers to be revealed (or at least I hope so). The twins morphing into one super-wolf can’t be the only new power that the Alphas bring to the table.

Clearly Scott is going to get dragged into the crosshairs because apparently he is destined to become a very important werewolf, maybe even the Alpha of the Alphas?  I am excited to learn what could make him so special and why that girl died trying to find him.

I’m happy to see that Isaac is going to be around because he’s a cutie and we are running out of good werewolves to root for since Erika and Boyd have been captured and Jackson is gone for good. I for one will not miss that whiny child but I’m sort of sad that we didn’t learn more about the blue eyed werewolf before he left.

P.S. Peter and the blind Alpha leader look a lot alike. Maybe all crazy, power hungry werewolves share a barber shop.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Revenge, Season 2 Episode 14, Sacrifice

Scuba divers find the Amanda at the bottom of the ocean, a giant hole ripped out of the haul. A flashback to Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) enjoying their night as newlyweds. But, when they go upstairs for fresh air, Nate (Michael Trucco) comes out of the closet, clearly up to no good. Back on dry land, the Grayson’s are rolling up the dead body of Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson) in the carpet. Helen’s chauffeur is growing impatient, so Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) disguises herself and has him drive her home instead. The next morning, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is amazed that his parents can let go of the incident so quickly. They tell him that they can’t act suspicious and that leading the Initiative to Amanda will save them. Victoria also tells Daniel that they are going to use the office bug to their advantage. When Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) arrives, she tells Conrad (Henry Czerny) that she knows Amanda is blackmailing him and Grayson now wants to announce his political campaign early because of it. Meanwhile Nolan (Gabriel Mann), Aidan (Barry Sloane), and Emily (Emily VanCamp) video conference and decide that they should try and help Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) save her father. Just then, Ashley shows up at Emily’s, telling her about the blackmail. Emily discovers then that Amanda took her laptop. When Jack and Amanda wake up, Jack finds cigarettes in sail and Nate reveals himself downstairs, pointing a gun at Amanda. When Nate isn’t looking, Amanda tells Jack they have to kill Nate before he can kill them. Nate locks Jack below while he steers closer to shore, looking for cell service. Emily goes to Amanda’s to snoop where she sees a picture on Charlotte’s computer of Jack and Amanda just before they left and notices Nate peeking through the cabin windows. She tells Nolan and they track Nate’s cellphone and go after them. In Daniel’s office, Daniel and Victoria fake an argument knowing that the Initiative are watching. Daniel pretends that Victoria is trying to make him look bad so Grayson can get the company back. He claims that Helen’s company has done nothing wrong.In the meantime, Padma gets to the Stowaway where Aidan approaches her, holding out a cellphone. On the other end, Nolan tells her that she should trust Aidan. On the Amanda, Nate gets a hold of Grayson, who promises him everything he wants if he can get the computer back and eliminate the threat. Amanda tries to shot him but he’s taken the bullets out of her gun and he threatens Jack. She tells Nate she’s only with Jack to have a cover to be in the Hampton’s while she collects evidence on the Grayson’s. She tells him she’s here for payback and he agrees to consider helping her but wants to see what’s on the computer before he’ll make a definite deal. Downstairs, Jack finds Declan’s (Connor Paolo) laptop which Nolan hacks to see through the webcam so they know what’s happening and they see that something’s wrong. Nate’s turning the boat around to get the computer which is in Montauk. At the Stowaway, Victoria invites Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to the Labour Day party, arguing that Carl needs air conditioning and a quiet room to sleep. Charlotte agrees for Carl’s sake, making sure that Declan is also invited. Victoria agrees but when no ones looking she plants Helen’s things under Amanda and Jack’s bed. Meanwhile, Aidan tells Padma she needs to call Helen. Out at sea, Nate lets Jack upstairs to fight it out with Amanda as he searches for the computer downstairs. They fake fighting while getting out the safety raft so that they can abandon ship. Before they can escape, Nate makes Amanda get the laptop which is under the mattress in the back room. When Nate’s back is turned, Amanda locks him inside but he gets out and starts shooting through the door. He hits Jack, which Nolan hears it through the webcam. Amanda puts Jack in the boat and then lets it go without her, trying to save Jack. Nate and Amanda fight and he hits her and her necklace flies off. At the Labor Day party, Grayson tells Victoria they have to stay together for his political career and to help Daniel. At sea, Jack is seen floating along while Emily and Nolan look for him. On the boat, Amanda wakes up locked downstairs and she breaks the water pipe, hoping to stop Nate. A mysterious man named Mr. Trask (Burn Gorman) compliments the Grayson’s, then asks about Helen Crowley. In Conrad’s office, they make it seem like Amanda had something to do with her disappearance. Meanwhile, Nolan spots Jack and Emily leaves Nolan in charge of him so she can get Amanda. At the same time, the Amanda starts malfunctioning. In the Stowaway, Mr. Trask finds the planted evidence and listens to voicemail from Padma on Helen’s phone asking for proof her dad is alive. Back at sea, Nate goes looking for Amanda and she hits him over the head. They run out on deck where Emily hits Nate and he falls. She tells Amanda to get on the boat. Emily and Nate fight and she accidentally shoots the propane tank just before Amanda shoots Nate in the back. The girls are about to get off when Amanda goes for her necklace. She sees Nate light a lighter and Amanda jumps to save Emily as the boat blows up. Emily and Amanda find each other in the wreckage. On land, Aidan and Padma receive a call telling them Helen is dead. Mr. Trask has also sent Padma her father’s finger as proof he’s alive. At the party, Conrad announces he’s running for governor. Floating in the ocean, Amanda makes Emily promise to take care of Jack and Carl and dies in Emily’s arms after returning a necklace that Emily gave her when she left the juvenile delinquent program. At Grayson Manor, Conrad, Victoria, and Daniel are on the porch overlooking the night sky. Daniel asks how they are going to live with what they’v done to Amanda and Victoria just says she picked the wrong enemy. Still waiting for rescue, Emily has to let go of Amanda. Nolan is still looking for her and Jack is seen lying on an operating table.

To be fair, I had it coming. I said that I didn’t want Amanda and Jack together and the writers actually listened to me. But this is not the way I wanted her to go! Now, Jack and Emily are both going to grieve over her death and that isn’t what they deserve. Jack, of all people, only deserves happiness in his life, but now he’s losing loved ones to a fight that isn’t even his! (For more on my feelings about Jack, see my last Revenge post.) The only, and I mean, ONLY positive about this is that now the Initiative have no reason to go after Amanda anymore and this may even turn their attention back to the Grayson’s. After all, Nate was a business partner of Conrad’s. Both the Initiative and the viewers won’t put it past Conrad to pay off Nate to kill Amanda. Heck, he did tell Nate to kill her! The Initiative could think that he did it to hide the fact that he killed Helen. Dead men tell no tales after all.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

An original YouTube vlog developed by Hank Green and Bernie Su, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries follows the life of Lizzie Bennet as she deals with a crazy mother, life as a graduate student, and the arrival of a one Mr. Darcie. Based on the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are smart, wicked funny, and short, the perfect thing to watch when you’ve only got fifteen minutes to procrastinate.  


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Redcoat Reveal

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spring Finale

The girls are waiting for Spencer (Troain Bellasario) in the Hasting’s kitchen, worried because the police found Toby’s body in the woods. However, the fact that the police sent his body to the State coroner is fishy, something that Hanna (Ashley Benson) points out. When Spencer finally comes downstairs, she seems normal and invites the girls to welcome home party begs them to come. She even hints at being on the “A” team. In the “A” van, one of the “A” members is working on the computer, transferring a phone contact just as Mona (Janel Parrish) gets in the van. She tells Spencer she likes the plan about having the girls come to the “party.” The next day at school, the girls ask Aria (Lucy Hale) about who took Malcolm (Teo Briones) and Hanna suggests that Mona did it. She wants Aria to ask Malcolm about it but Aria, who is trying to avoid Ezra, refuses. Hanna sees that Ezra is trying to find a babysitter so she decides she will ask Malcolm herself. Shana (Aerial Miranda) shows up at school for the swim meet between Rosewood and the Oakwood Red Devils and flirts with Spencer, which annoys Hanna who claims Shana never flirts with her. Meanwhile, Aria tries to be friendly when she sees Ezra (Ian Harding) at school but still keep her distance. He tells her that he interviewed for a job but doesn’t think he is going to get it. At the seemingly vacant Cavanaugh residence, Jenna is inside on the phone with someone while “A” is outside the house recording her. “A” texts her an address and tells her to meet there. Meanwhile, Aria and her dad talk about Ezra, who lied to Aria and was actually offered the substitute teaching position at Rosewood. Her dad is upset because he is uncomfortable with them being in a relationship if Ezra is working at the school again. Aria tells him not to worry. Across town, Ezra meets with Hanna to discuss the babysitting gig and tells her he will let her babysit Malcolm that night to see if it works out. Meanwhile, Jenna meets with someone in the woods and its Shana and tells her that her eyesight is growing worse. It is implied that they are now a relationship. Back in Rosewood, Aria confronts Ezra about not telling her about the job. He wants to fix things but she breaks up with him anyway. In the same cafe where Emily has taken when she was drugged, “A” is looking at pictures of Jenna on a phone. Someone arrives the cafe and the waitress says “Seat yourself pretty eyes.” The newcomer arrives at the table and is revealed to be Toby. (Keegan Allen) Toby tells “A” that Hanna got the job as the babysitter but he seems surprised when “A” is Spencer. He tells her he had nothing to do with the dead body in the woods and  he wants to protect her. Spencer tells him she is the one who took Malcolm and broke up Aria and Ezra to please Mona. Toby admits he’s been pretending to help Mona to save Spencer and asks her to follow him. While babysitting, Hanna tries to get Malcolm to tell her who took him to the carnival but he doesn’t recognize any of the pictures she shows him. Out on a late night run, Emily sees Melissa knocking on the Cavanaugh’s window, where she sees Jenna, Shana, and Melissa talking, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) gives Shana an invite to the party for Spencer. At a motel, Toby tells Spencer he doesn’t know anything about Redcoat. She is still hurt by his actions but he grows distraught over her accusations and she consoles him leading to them kissing. Back at Ezra’s, “A” sends Hanna a picture of Spencer and Ali which Malcolm sees while he is playing on her phone. He tells Hanna Spencer is the one who picked him up from class. The girls assemble, and Aria figures out that Spencer is on the “A” team but Emily doesn’t want to believe her. “A” is shown outside listening to their conversation but Hanna thinks to turn on loud music to drown them out while they come up with a plan to test Spencer and find out if she’s really on the “A” team. Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby spend a romantic night in the motel. The next day, Ezra tells Aria he took the job and she tells him they both need to move on. They have one last kiss in the stairwell mirroring their kiss in the stairwell after Ali’s funeral. During the swim meet at school, Spencer is outside and sees Redcoat. She tries to follow her but there are too many people in red inside, but she catches sight of her and follows her into the bathroom. “Redcoat” is Hanna disguised as Redcoat to see if Spencer is on the A team and all the girls are there. They ask Spencer to tell them the truth and she tells them that Mona came to see her in Radley. She tells them the party is a set up and that Toby is alive and on their side. The girls go to class and Mr. Fitz is subbing in their English class, almost a flashback to the first day that Aria saw him after they had met at the bar. Later, Hanna, Aria and Emily get ready to go to Spencer’s party while someone’s taping them from the outside. At the party, Mona, Spencer, and Toby have already arrived and are waiting for Redcoat and the girls to get there. While Mona is growing more impatient, the girls sneak in upstairs. When it’s time, Mona grabs a flashlight but Toby tells her that he will take care of Spencer, pulling her towards the door forcefully. Spencer screams at him, telling him that she trusted him. When they get outside, they drop the ruse and head for the landing strip where Redcoat will be landing in a small plane. We see the doors to the building being locked as the girls reveal themselves to Mona. Toby and Spencer see someone in the woods and he goes off to investigate and tells her to get to the plane to wait and watch for Redcoat. Someone sets the house on fire and no one has cell phone reception so they are trapped. Mona reveals that she doesn’t know who Redcoat is either and the girls try to find some way to escape. Spencer gets to the plane just as Redcoat is getting out and she thinks its Ali (Sasha Pieterse). Toby is following the person in the woods when someone hits him on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. The mysterious person then drops the lighter in his hand to frame him. Meanwhile, Redcoat drags everyone outside of the burning house. Hanna looks up and thinks that she sees Ali. Everyone starts to wake up and Mona asks them if they also saw Alison. Now three of the girls have seen her or someone wearing a mask to look like her. On the way home, Mona tells the girls that Redcoat came to see her when she was in Radley. Working with Redcoat was fun at first but soon lost its appeal when “she took you from me.” They get back to find Wilden’s car has been pulled from the lake and is sitting in the driveway. The video inside shows that Jenna and Shana took Wilden’s body after he’d been hit. Spencer notices something is amiss with trunk just as all five girls get a text from “A” that says “You’re mine now kisses A”.  They open the trunk and are shocked by what they find. The episode ends with a flashback to the night Ali was murdered. Someone grabs her hand from the ground as if to drag her out.

This is the best episode of Pretty Little Liars from this season if not the entire series. The writers have finally gotten back to the formula that worked and now with everyone back in action there is a new energy to the show. Suddenly, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for each reveal. To top it off, the episode had familiar moments for some of the girls that were really fun to watch for devoted Liars fans. The end of Ezra and Aria’s relationship marks the end of the longest relationship of the series and to parallel their end with moments that came from their beginning gave the relationship nice bookends for fans who are as saddened by their breakup as they are. For Spencer and Toby, their night in the motel was a nice homage to the beginning of their relationship, which came right after they shared a bed in a motel while on a steak out for clues.

Next season is sure to be even crazier than the last. It is possible that Shana, Jenna and Melissa are their own new super group (I think of them as the “B” team.) and that they were the ones who started the fire. Redcoat may have still wanted the girls around, which is why she pulled them all from the burning building. If so, next season will see the butting heads of these two evil groups, with Redcoat and the “B” team fighting each other while the girls (now including Mona) stand helpless in the crossfires. Toby is also dragged into the mess because the girls (all except Spencer, I hope) believing that he set the fire. (Another throwback to the fire the girls set in his garage, the same one which took away Jenna’s vision, possibly her motive for setting this one.)

June 11th, hurry up and get here!

With Deepest Sympathy

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 21 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

After being locked in her sauna by “A,” Spencer (Troian Bellasario) decides to tell the girls about Toby’s involvement with the “A” team. Meanwhile, Ashley (Laura Leighton) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) are still paranoid over Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) disappearance and Ashley tells Hanna not to tell her friends about what she did and Hanna agrees. When Spencer tells the girls, Emily (Shay Mitchell) won’t listen to her about Toby (Keegan Allen), thinking that there must be a logical explanation. At Ezra’s (Ian Harding), Aria (Lucy Hale) hangs out with Malcolm (Teo Briones) and Ezra, although she is uncomfortable about how Maggie (Larisa Oleynik) will feel about it. At Toby’s loft, Hanna and Emily are looking for clues into Toby’s disappearance but they realize that nothing has changed. Back at Ezra’s, Aria offers to babysit Malcolm in order to let Ezra go to a job interview. At the Hasting’s, a funeral wreath gets dropped off with a banned that says “With Deepest Sympathy” with a note threatening Spencer’s friends because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about Toby. After receiving the note, Spencer sees Mona at the coffee shop and tells her to stay away from her friends. At home, Aria lies to her mom about toys she has pulled out for Malcolm. Meanwhile, Emily goes to the Cavanaugh’s but they aren’t home newspaper and mail all over and she’s about to leave when Toby’s coworker turns up at the house in Toby’s truck. At the Hasting’s, Spencer is still focused on the banner from the wreath and notices different font on the letters “E” and  “M,” making her think that Emily is in danger. In Rosewood, Ashley sees Wilden for a moment outside of a store but she isn’t sure if it was really him. When Spencer tells Emily that she may be in danger, Emily ignores her and keeps looking for Toby even though Spencer asks her not to. While Aria is babysitting, she looks away for a moment Malcolm is jumping on the bed and falls off. Meanwhile, Emily investigates the name E. Lamb on police computer, which is the false name Toby used when he visited Mona (Janel Parrish) in Radley. Meanwhile, Spencer  follows Mona into the woods while Ezra is mad at Aria for the accident. Hanna gets home to find that Wilden’s car is in her garage and watches the video of her mom running over Wilden. While this is happening, Emily gets a text from Toby asking her to meet him. Spencer follows Mona into the woods where she finds what she thinks is Toby’s dead body. She never sees his face but she does see his tattoo and she breaks down. Meanwhile, Aria tells her mom about Malcolm and asks if she should break up with Ezra. Emily is waiting outside of a warehouse waiting for Toby when she sees the Red Coat girl enter the building. She follows her and  sees Toby’s coworker but he says that no one has come in the room. He also calls Emily by her name, which she points out she’s never told him before. When she gets back to her car, she finds a clue from “A” that Toby’s dead. Meanwhile, Aria and Emily push Wilden’s car into the lake, hoping that will make their problems go away. Back in the woods, the police find Spencer, who they just think is a Jane Doe. The next day the girls don’t know where she is and the episode ends revealing that Spencer is now a patient at Radley.

Could the note from “A” that Spencer got have been talking about Toby all along?

Is Toby really dead? I will be crushed if Toby is really dead because he is one of my favorite characters. I think that Toby arranged for his faked death, but is Mona in on it or did he trick her? I hope we find out soon.

Steamy Scandals

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 20 Hot Water

When the episode starts, the girls are shaken up over Jason’s (Drew Van Acker) disappearance. Knowing that another piece of evidence, the photograph, has been taken, they agree to document everything they find in their phones. (Because “A” hasn’t hacked their phones before?) They wonder about CeCe’s (Vanessa Ray) involvement with Wilden (Bryce Johnson) and if its possible  CeCe is the girl in the red coat. While they’re all together, Wren (Julian Moris) texts Spencer (Troian Bellasario), asking if she’s alright. She tells the girls she had a run in with Mona, and tells them Mona couldn’t have rigged the elevator because she was far away when it fell. Wilden shows up at the coffee house where the girls are meeting, and Hanna (Ashley Benson) tells him they know about his boat ride with CeCe and Ali (Sasha Pieterse). The girls get spooked and leave and when Aria (Lucy Hale) gets home, Wes (Gregg Sulkin) has made his bed and returned her book, a clear sign he’s gone. Meanwhile, Ashley (Laura Leighton) asks Hanna about how Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and his dad (Bernard Curry) are getting along and Hanna gets nervous and her mom can tell. Hanna sees Wilden forcing CeCe into his car and her mom asks about a weird look Wilden gives Hanna. She tells her mom they asked Wilden about his relationship with Ali, which panics Ashley, who tells her not to talk to CeCe anymore. At the Hastings’ residence, Spencer is skipping school and is still in bed midday. Melissa (Torrey DeVitto), who’s been lying to her parents for Spencer, tells her that she won’t cover for her anymore. At school, Hanna tells Emily she told her mom about Wilden and CeCe. Emily tells her that Jason texted her and he’s laying low in Virginia. Hanna asks Emily if its possible Caleb and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) have not told them everything, telling Emily about the five dollar bill that she thinks Jaime may have stolen from the church. Emily tells her to stop being paranoid. Aria arrives at Ezra’s (Ian Harding), mid-voicemail to Wes, only to discover that the older Fitz is back in town. She is upset with him for not calling, but Ezra says he needed some time to think. Aria asks if he’s moved on but he says no. He tells her his mom (Mary Page Keller) paid Maggie (Marisa Oleynik) to keep quiet about Malcolm (Tio Briones) and that he wants to take her to dinner and tell her all about it. When he asks about her phone call to Wes, she doesn’t tell him the whole truth, only telling him about the incident at CeCe’s shop. Back in school, Spencer and Mrs. Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs) talk and Mrs. M tries to cheer her up, and it seems to work a little. After school, Hanna and Emily catch Paige going to the Rosewood Costume Shop to ask about Queen of Hearts costumes from the train incident and make her let them go with her. Inside, Aria follows Spencer into the bathroom, trying to get her to open up and let her friends back into her life. At the costume shop, Shauna, the clerk, doesn’t want to tell Paige the information about the costume. It is clear to everyone that they have some kind of history. To get what they came for, Hanna distracts Shauna while Emily hacks into the computer emails the sales receipt of the costume to herself. Elsewhere, Mrs. Fitzgerald comes to thank Aria, telling her that Wes has come home and will be finishing school. Aria accidentally tells her that Wes stayed with her but shuts her out when Mrs. Fitz tries to get her to talk about Ezra, and Mrs. Fitzgerald suggests that Malcolm is going to change things for their relationship. After the awkward encounter at the costume store, Emily wonders if Toby cheated on Spencer, thinking that’s the only thing that would explain her behavior. Hanna thinks thats not right, and tells her Paige didn’t cheat either, reminding her that they are all a bit paranoid. Aria arrives and tells the girls about Ezra and his mom. At a local restaurant, Wilden shows up at Ashley’s table and tells her that what the girls are saying is not true. Meanwhile, Wren talks to Spencer and she apologizes for using him. He says he wanted to get together with her and asks about her anger towards Mona. She tells him that it was nice being with him and  he takes the opportunity to ask her to dinner. Elsewhere, Aria’s worried about how things will work out for her and Fitz, now that Malcolm and Maggie are in the picture. The girls tell her to calm down but when they ask about Wes, she looks a little guilty but doesn’t admit to anything. Meanwhile, Spencer and Wren go out and she tells him about a trinket she stole and buried in her backyard. He tries to kiss her and she backs away but then kisses him. Ezra and Mrs. Fitzgerald are fighting when Aria gets to his apartment. He’s upset she hid Malcolm from him. Aria kisses him but it seems like an effort to get back something that may already be gone. At Emily’s, Paige is mad Emily emailed the information to herself and accuses Mona of having killed Garret. Emily tells her she was trying to protect her and then asks about Shauna. Paige tells her they dated over the summer but had kept the information to herself in an attempt to not hurt Emily. Spencer sees the girl in the red coat and tries to follow her but loses her on the dark street. Ashley is also out late, and calls Hanna but she misses the call. Ashley tells her that she just say Wilden and gets in her car, unknowing that Wilden starts to follow her. When Spencer gets home, Melissa implies that hanging out with Wren is not a good idea. As a final dig, Melissa tells her sister that she bought him the cologne she can smell on her sister. Across town, Ezra hasn’t told Malcolm that he’s his dad and supportive Aria tells Ezra she’ll support him no matter what. They are about to settle in for the night when Maggie calls in a panic. Mrs. Fitzgerald owns the condo she lives in and is now going to sell it. Having followed her, Wilden pulls over Ashley for “drunk driving” and gets her out of the car. In her house, Spencer gets in the steam room and is finally peaceful when someone in an “A” hoodie runs by. Back on the road, Wilden threatens Ashley that he will tell about their tryst if Hanna doesn’t keep her mouth shut. Frightened, Ashley gets in her car, but Wilden won’t move. He makes a move that looks like he’s going for his gun and by instinct she runs him over. We see the interior of the cop car, where the camera installed in the car has recorded everything. Meanwhile, CeCe confronts Emily and tells her she thought Wilden killed Ali to hide the pregnancy but now she’s not so sure. Ali called her the night she disappeared freaked out and was going to get the videos she had hidden. Melissa wanted the videos the most and it was Melissa who took the picture of them on the boat. Spencer gets stuck in the sauna and it keeps getting hotter but no one’s home to hear her yelling. On the mirror, someone has written “Steamy with Wren, Steamy with Me – A.” Aria shows up and rescues her. Hanna comes home to find Ashley sitting in the dark kitchen and Ashley confesses what she’s done. Meanwhile, Aria takes care of Spencer,  telling her she’s happy she got her text. Spencer says it was revenge, telling Aria to call the girls because she knows who is helping Mona. Hanna and her mom go to the scene of the crime, but Wilden’s body is gone. The episode ends with “A” in an attic. “A” turns on a record and makes a flower wreath  with a banner that reads “with deepest sympathy.”

I just want Spencer to tell the girl’s already. Enough of this sad puppy stuff, its time to take action. I think the steam room was the kick in the butt she needed to get her past the hurt she felt, and now she’s ready to dish out a cold slice of revenge to Toby and to Mona for royally messing up her life. The girls will be right there beside her, I just hope that they don’t get burned along the way.

Aria mentioned a text she got, but it is never confirmed that Spencer is the one who sent it. Could Toby have been trying to scare her but still protecting her at the same time? He wanted to prove that he still controlled her but wanted to be sure someone was there just in time to save her. Guess we will find out.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

How I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Episode 16, Bad Crazy

Ted (Josh Radnor) reminisces about all the women he’s dated, telling his kids that Jeanette (Abby Elliot) was the first girl that made him want to settle down. However, when he was dating her, his friends tell him that she’s crazy and that he needs to break up with her. He accuses them of wanting him to stay single so that Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Marshall (Jason Segel) can keep storing things in his apartment that Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) won’t let them keep in their own places. After further considering their accusations, he confesses that he and Jeanette had a seance the night before and contacted Marilyn Monroe’s cat. While they’re discussing Ted’s love life, Lily asks Robin to hold Marvin, which no one realizes that she’s never done before, and she’s scared to do it. She creates a diversion and Marshall picks him up before she has to. Ted tries to leave, but he admits that he’s going with Jeanette to take her dog to an exorcist. He finally agrees that she’s crazy and tells his friends he’s going to break up with her in a public place, and tries to when they go to a hockey game later that night. She takes his break up as a confession that he’s in love with Lily and tells him to never talk to her again. The next day, the boys are playing video games in Ted’s apartment and he has to step out for a little bit and tells Barney and Marshall that they can’t let Jeanette in under any circumstance or she won’t leave. Meanwhile, Lily and Robin are out with Marvin when Lily realizes she left his favorite binky on the bus and tells Robin to watch him while she goes to get it back. When Ted gets back to his apartment, the boys admit that they let Jeanette in because she said she forgot a book, and that they aren’t sure she left. They blame Ted for not telling them she’s crazy when he gets mad. He confesses that he’s stock up his room with supplies in case of disaster so she could survive in there for months without needing to leave. Back on the street, Lily comes back to find Robin and Marvin in one piece. We flash forward four years, when Robin confesses that when Marvin was crying she let a kind old woman (Reatha Grey) hold him and we can tell she is still hiding something. Back in 2013, Ted tells Jeanette that he called the police, only to find out she is a cop. Barney tells Ted that its Jeanette’s apartment now and he needs to leave. Flash forward twelve years, Robin confesses after the nice lady put Marvin back in the stroller,  it rolled away with Marvin inside, and we know that she is still hiding something. Back in the past, Ted is wearing a Star Wars battle uniform in an attempt to be protected when he goes into his room. He confesses to Barney and Marshall that he and Jeanette didn’t actually break up, because when he tried to break up with her, she accused him of being in love with Lily, saying that Lily has a cute south drawl and medical degree. (Further proof she’s crazy.) Fourteen years later, Robin confesses she hide something, and this time Lily knows its coming. Robin admits to having taken Marvin into a strip club because the old woman suggested she go inside, having gotten shaken up by the stroller rolling away incident. Then, sixteen years later she confesses that while they were in the strip club, she left him with the old woman to go to the bathroom. Seventeen years later, she admits that the nice old lady was actually Mike Tyson (himself). Now Lily is mad because she’s a huge Mike Tyson fan and Robin didn’t tell her that he held her son. Meanwhile in 2013, the boys convince Ted he needs to break up with her for real, and the girls show up because they could hear Ted screaming from his room while the other boys were getting subs. Robin tells them that she was asking “the old woman” (aka Mike Tyson) about Ted and Jeanette, and that he suggests that maybe she’s crazy because of who she’s dating. Lily thinks it can’t be Ted’s fault because he’d never send her mixed signals, but Ted admits they made out after they “broke up” at the hockey game and that when he went to kick her out of his room earlier, he found her wearing his red cowboy boots and they made out again. While this is going on, Robin doesn’t realize it but she starts holding Marvin and when Lily points it out, Robin realizes how great it feels. At the same time, Lily tells Ted that he needs to be with Jeanette right now, because they’re both crazy. She tells him it’ll end badly, but they’ll be there for him when it does. It flashes forward to the group sitting on the pavement, with flames and debris falling around them for a moment. Ted goes back to his room and tells Jeanette he’s falling for him and they make out. The episode ends when Lily finds Robin still holding Marvin at 3 am and she doesn’t want to leave, until Marvin poops his pants.

The writer are already telling us that the relationship between Ted and Jeanette is going to end terribly, but I think it was neat that they had Lily already acknowledge that this is inevitable. So many times when a friend enters a relationship, it takes an outside perspective to see those kinds of signs of trouble, but normally we don’t say anything, not wanting to seem unsupportive. By saying to Ted that it will end badly, Lily took a risk with his trust, but I think that she did the best thing possible by telling him that when it does, they will all be there to support him. That was really what this whole episode was about. This group of friends is so trusting in each other that they are willing to be very forgiving. Ted could have gotten mad when his friends kept calling his girlfriend crazy, but he didn’t. This is partly because I think even Ted knows it, but its also because he trusts that they are just looking out for him. When Robin confesses everything to Lily about that day with Mike Tyson, Lily doesn’t get very upset because she knows that Robin won’t hide anything if it was really terrible. In the end, she’s more upset because she didn’t know it was Mike Tyson, and that’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to tell people. Ted trusts his friends, which is why he is willing to pursue a relationship with a crazy girl, knowing they won’t let him do anything he’ll regret later in life.

Kisses Kill

Pretty Little Liars, Season 3 Episode 20

School has started, but Spencer (Troian Bellasario) is missing, worrying the girls who know Spencer won’t miss school for no reason. They find her in the courtyard talking to Andrew (Brandon Jones), who tells her that the Academic Decathlon team has cut her for missing practice. She is obviously upset, but when her friends try to comfort her, she shuts them out. When she goes to leave, “A” has scratched a note into the lenses of her sunglasses, threatening her friends if she tells them about Toby (Keegan Allen). After school, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is looking for the stable where Jaime (Bernard Curry) works, because she wants to talk to him about Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Over at Spencer’s, Andrew comes to talk to her and she tries to convince him to let her back on the team, tempting him with strip-trivial pursuit, saying if she wins he will let her back on the team. Meanwhile, Hanna has tracked down Jaime and he admits to being Caleb’s father, but he won’t tell Caleb. He claims he is a bad excuse for a father; he was arrested for petty theft, but she tells him that Caleb won’t care, he’ll just be happy to know his father. Strip-trivial pursuit is going well for Spencer and Andrew is nearly down to nothing when Emily (Shay Mitchell) shows up to trying to cheer up her friend and Andrew leaves in an embarrassed rush. Emily tries to convince her to tell her what happened between her and Toby, but when she mentions asking Toby about it, Spencer freaks out. She can’t tell Emily why she can’t talk to Toby and Emily is sick of Spencer keeping this from the girls. Spencer tells her that she needs to accept that the Spencer Hastings she knew is gone and to get use to this girl. Meanwhile, Aria (Lucy Hale) shows up at Ezra’s to find Wes (Gregg Sulkin) packing up to leave. He’s been officially kicked out of his prep school and his mom has found where he’s staying (she called Aria earlier to ask if she knew where he was, testing Aria’s loyalty). He tells Aria he’s going to stay with a friend in Philadelphia for the night before he decides what to do next. She tells him to stay in town until he figures it out. She asks if he’s heard from Ezra (Ian Harding), telling him she’s only heard from him through texts. He and Maggie (Larisa Oleynik) are going to Malcom’s (Flynn Morrison) events together, which worries her. Just then, CeCe (Vanessa Ray) calls Aria and asks her to take some photographs for her store’s website. Looking at Wes, Aria asks if she can bring an assistant. Over at Hanna’s, Caleb yells at Hanna for going to Jaime, telling her he doesn’t want to get to know the man who abandoned him then storms out. Her mom Ashley (Laura Leighton) overhears and asks Hanna why he’s angry, but Hanna avoids the question. Elsewhere, Emily talks to Jason (Drew Van Acker), telling him about the picture of Wilden (Bryan Johnson) in Cape Cod from the police station. He tells her he’s already called Wilden, and talks about a picture collage Ali gave his dad that contained a picture of her on a boat. Jason thinks it may be Wilden’s boat. Back at the Hasting’s residence, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) and Spencer are having dinner when Wren (Julian Morris) shows up. After an awkward encounter with Melissa, Wren tells Spencer someone called him asking that he help her. When Spencer asks about the mysterious caller, Wren admits that it was Mona (Janel Parrish) who called him. Suddenly, Spencer has a thought and convinces Wren to take her out to eat and to a movie festival at Bucknell. At Hanna’s, Hanna calls Jaime to tell him she’s coming to dinner and just before she leaves, Caleb shows up and asks to come along. At the restaurant, Caleb begins to grow antsy as they wait and is about to leave when Hanna convinces him to wait just a little longer. At the store, CeCe and Aria talk about Ezra and Wes, and CeCe asks if Aria and Ezra are okay. Aria says yes, but we can sense her doubt. Back at the cafe, Hanna is about to give up hope when Jaime comes in, telling her the drive was longer than expected, and Caleb is upset with him but agrees to talk. Meanwhile, Jason and Emily arrive at his house to find the porch lined with whiskey bottles. “A” texts Emily that he may want to save a few bottles and she looks around the yard for the mysterious figure. At the same time, Spencer is leading Wren to an unknown location and she is clearly not mentally stable at this point. Back at the house, Jason tells Emily that Ali would have done something like that (the whiskey bottle prank),and tells her he doesn’t actually trust Mona and that he is only using her to find out who took his sister’s body out of the ground. Meanwhile, Hanna asks her mom to ask Pastor Ted (Edward Kerr) to hire Jaime to fix the bell tower so that he has an excuse to stay in town for a little longer so that he and Caleb will have a chance to get to know each other. Concurrently, Jason and Emily locate Ali’s collage and discover that she was with CeCe and Wilden on the boat together, yet CeCe claims to never have met Wilden. Jason thinks CeCe may have been protecting Ali or Wilden. The night of Ali’s death, he remembers stumbling out on his porch and seeing CeCe talking to Melissa. At first, he thought she was Ali because she was wearing the same color shirt. Could Ali’s killer have been after CeCe and confused the two? In the meantime, Spencer has actually deceived Wren into driving her to where the academic team is having their competition. She goes to “thank” Mona for calling Wren and then threatens to upload Mona’s case file onto the internet. Mona retaliates and asks if she still has friends after her odd behavior the past few weeks. Spencer finally snaps and attacks Mona, throwing herself on top of her. Back in Rosewood, Wes accidentally lets it slip that he lied about his friend in Philly and Aria makes him agree to stay at her place until he figures out what he’s going to do. Moving a piece of furniture, they spill wine on the white carpet and are unsuccessful cleaning it up, so they hide it with a scarf display. They are just finishing up the photo shoot when CeCe calls. She tells Aria her car got towed, but the audience can see that she’s sitting in her car placing the call. What is she hiding? Simultaneously, Hanna and Caleb are at the church waiting to see if Jaime will get the job to fix the bell tower. Hanna’s mom comes in and announces that Jaime got hired. On her way out, Hanna puts a five dollar bill with red dice drawn on it into the donation box. At the same time, Jason and Emily get stuck in the elevator at his dad’s office and neither have cell service. Meanwhile, Melissa calls Spencer but Wren answers and tells her Spencer has food poisoning and that they are on their way home. At the Montgomery’s, Aria and Wes bond over their love for reading and Wes quotes some poetry to her. They end up kissing, but Aria realizes that its wrong and they break apart. (Let it be known: it was a mutual kiss!) In the elevator, Jason has the doors pried open and Emily jumps out onto the next floor right before elevator drops with Jason inside. Concurrently, Jaime offers to pay for the pizza and Hanna notices the five dollar bill she donated to the church when he pulls out his wallet. She gets distracted by an S.O.S. text from Emily. Each of the girls receive the message, and at the hospital we find out that Jason lived. He tells Emily that she was right; the NAT club members are being hunted down. He also tells her that the picture of Ali, CeCe, and Wilden is gone. Aria, Hanna and even Spencer show up, and Spencer apologizes. The nurse comes out and asks where their friend is, which is when the girls find out Jason has disappeared. The episode ends with the “A” team playing spin the bottle with four whiskey bottle, each with one of the four girl’s pictures cut out and tapped to it. “A” pick Spencer’s bottle and pour two glasses.

Next week’s episode looks so good!

I am so glad Spencer showed up at the hospital and apologized to the girls. She finally looks like she is coming out of the crazy state she’s been in since she found out about Toby, who I miss even though he’s evil. These girls can’t survive without each other and I want all of them to be in fighting shape because I think “A” has finally waited long enough and is getting ready to pounce. Once Spencer is finally able to confess Toby’s secret, the girls will hopefully grow even closer and even more committed in their shared goal of stopping “A” once and for all.

I am so sick of everyone else pitying Mona. It is such a relief to know that Jason doesn’t actually believe her load of horse manure. He’s always been too cunning to fall for manipulation, a skill he probably acquired from living with Ali for sixteen years. If only Toby, Wren, Andrew and the rest of the fools could be saved from her evil clutches.

Now that some secrets have built up, let’s make a catalogue of all of the dirt “A” can use on the girls:

Spencer: Toby’s part on the “A” team

Emily: The postcards, the photograph can be used as bribe

Hanna: Jaime’s theft from the church

Aria: The spilled wine in CeCe’s shop, her shared kiss with Wes